Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Donation Boxes at Utah County Taco Time Locations

I am happy to share with you some wonderful news!

You can now donate to
Hope for Holli 
at any of the following 

Provo - 960 S. University Provo UT, 84601 - North of the Provo Towne Centre
Provo - 388 W 2230 N Plum Tree Shopping Center Provo, UT 84604
Orem - 1100 W. 800 North , Orem, UT 84057 - Near Winco
American Fork - 802 E. State Street , American Fork, UT 84003
Highland - 5348 W 11000 N , Highland, UT 84003
Lehi - 1750 W Main St , Lehi, UT 84043

In my most recent visit to the states I have made a new effort in bringing forth this foundation in hopes of helping Holli in her continual need for surgery. It's been over a year now since my first efforts to help Holli began. It started off wonderfully and many people showed great love and support though online donations. Though soon after, efforts had to be put on hold until all legal efforts in creating a foundation were made. Those efforts are still in full force and the process to have the articles needed for tax exemption are in progress.

Meanwhile I have received much help from family and friends in continuing efforts to raise money for Holli's medical bills and surgery. Due to their support this wonderful opportunity with Taco Time has come through. My Uncle who is part owner of these Taco Time's made it possible for these boxes to be placed in these 6 locations.

What a miracle!?! I could not be more excited and grateful for the many good people who are willing to help by donating to this cause!

This summer I was able to spend some time with Holli and saw that thankfully, her condition is stable for the moment, though it is just a matter of time before the nerve damage around her bladder --which enables her bladder to function properly, thus effecting the kidneys because her body cannot flush toxins and fluid correctly-- could eventually lead to another case of complete kidney and renal failure, which she experienced in March 2009. If this were to happen again she may not come out with functioning kidney's, and will need to be put on a kidney donation list. This surgery is a preventative measure to ensure that this does not happen.

Not only has Holli suffered a tremendous amount of pain in the past year due to the kidney and renal failure, but also her pain and suffering from Fibromyalga is ever present. Visits to the hospital are frequent, keeping her from the ability to go to work consistently. In June 2010 Holli was let go from the company she had worked for for nearly 8 years. Which is a detestation to her and her family as it had been one of the only consistent sources of income her family has had during this time.

I ask that if you are unable to support by monetary means that you help in the uplifting of Holli's spirits by words of encouragement. You are welcome to leave comments on her Firbro blog or her personal blog.

Thank you all for your continued support for Holli.

McKenna Åkebrand

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How you can help.

1. Spread the word.
I'll go with the saying: 'The more the merrier.' Holli needs all the support she can get. All you need to do add the button to the right to your blog. It's that easy!

You can also do some other things like: posting a link to this site on facebook, tweeting about it, posting about it, emailing your friends about it, following this blog, and spreading the word in whatever other way you see fit.

2. Donate a dollar, or two.
On the sidebar of this blog you'll see a donate button. The choice is yours to donate the amount you choose. Every penny get's Holli closer to surgery, and that much closer to living a normal life again.

3. Say 'Hi'
Head on over to one of Holli's blogs, and comment a few words of encouragment or support. She'd love to hear from you!

Walk a few minutes in her shoes and you will see that life is fragile and each person is given their battles in life. God put us on earth together to give us friendships. He put us here to support eachother through hard times. This is our chance.

Holli is an angel of hope, and we can be her wings.

The Story of Holli

{Hope for Holli is a foundation supported by måke photographie, or in other words me, McKenna Åkebrand.}

I have known Holli for over 8 years. We met in the beginning of jr. high school and we danced together for many years after that. During those years, Holli was sick often. No one really understood what she was going through, and no one, not even Holli knew the effect that her health problems would have on her for years to come.

Holli is a fun, high spirited girl with a great sense of humor. She comes from a happy-go-lucky family and is the middle of three girls who are very close to eachother. She loves the color pink, hello kitty, Orem Owlz baseball team, and of course Edward Cullen ;). She's a girly-girl to the 5th degree, and a beautiful one at that.

Holli was diagnosed with Fibromylagia at the age of 15 and will have it for the rest of her life. She has had 27 surgeries before the age of 18 and over 100 IV's. Fibromyalgia, (also known as fibrositis, fibromyositis, and muscular rheumatism), is a chronic syndrome that causes pain and stiffness throughout the tissues that support and move the bones and joints. Muscle pain, tender points, and fatigue are the predominant symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Other symtoms include tingling of the skin, prolonged muscle spasms, weakness in the limbs, nerve pain, functional bowel disturbances, and chronic sleep disturbances.

In March of this year, Holli's suffered from complete kidney and renal failure. (read about here expierience here.) Before that very day she was uninsured and medical bills where putting Holli into over 30 thousand dollars in debt, and about to file for bankruptsy. Holli was working full time and had applied several times for insurance and each time was denied coverage. On every application form there is a section that lists numerous diseases, conditions, and family history medical information then asks you to check the boxes that apply to you. Fibromylagia is the first one listed and was the contributing factor for her being denyed coverage due to the nature of Fibro and it's contraversy. 'Many members of the medical community consider fibromyalgia a ‘non-disease’ because of a lack of abnormalities on physical exams, the absence of objective diagnostic tests, and extensive overlap with other proposed conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome' (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibromyalgia). People like Holli can assure you that Fibro is real and there are many like her in the world fighting it's effects every single day.

The same day Holli's kidney's failed she was finally approved for health insurance. That was the beggining of approvals that was certantly not the end of being denied coverage.

Holli's kidney's had failed due to nerve damage she had received from five laporoscopic surgery's she had had over the past three years. They placed a catheter in her bladder for drainage since Holli's kidney's and bladder were still not working. In the first 24 hours there they had given her 11 IV bags. After about 3 days on IV's her doctor checked her and found that they had been giving her fluids way too quickly and caused her to become over hydrated. The fluids where no longer flushing into her bladder but going into all of her limbs. Her entire body was swollen and her legs were beggining to form blood clots. After a seven days the problem had finally been resovled and they were able to get Holli's kidney's functioning again. Although, her kidney's will never function entirely on their own.

A week after Holli left the hospital Holli went in for nerve tests to see if a type of 'pacemaker' for kidney's will proove effective. The tests were done in office but to place the nerve stimulators in her body surgically and the 'pacemaker' she will have to wear on her hip for the rest of her life.

Holli's week of wearing trial interstem worked and she was scheduled for surgery number 31 on June 8th.

Yet, a stream of bad news came from her insurance company. She first received news that the insurance would not cover her seven day renal failure hospital stay. To add to it, three days before her scheduled surgery she got news from her doctor stating that her insurance company did not approve the surgery, which to appeal can take up to 12 months, 12 months.

It is now September, still no word from her insurance company about moving forward with the surgery other than they received her appeal form, and 'to please stop faxing it in everyday.'

Holli is in my prayers every day. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for her and maybe through a little hope we can make things happen for her.

Please donate if you can, every dollar will help. If her insurance will not provide a way, then we can. And if anything, please keep Holli in your prayers.

McKenna Åkebrand